A Note of Apology


It has been almost a year since I made my last post on this blog. I initially vacillated over creating this post, given the meagre readership this blog now receives after having been sadly neglected. However, I felt I owed at least some sort of explanation to my readers and followers who had taken the time out to lend me their appreciation and support. And so, here I am again.

I’m sincerely sorry for having appeared to abandon this effort last year. Having started school again, I found that I didn’t have enough time or energy to devote to this blog, and even now my studies are unfortunately giving me emotional and psychological strain. Nevertheless, I’ve resolved to post whenever I can, if I feel like there are moments and people worth sharing. Even if I will not be able to post regularly for a good while yet, I hope to be able to continue to provide at least some things of value throughout the year. I have never completely stopped exploring in my own way, and the goal I stated at the beginning of this endeavour still stands.

Once again I would like to extend a huge thanks to those of you who have remembered this little corner of the Internet in some way thus far. A Happy Lunar New Year to all, and may the coming year bring you peace and fulfilment in the days to come.

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