A Look Back

Children playing at a picnic in the Botanic Gardens on Christmas Eve.

Children playing at a picnic in the Botanic Gardens on Christmas Eve.

This holiday season, being also poised between the end of an old year and the beginning of a new year, was for me a time to reflect. To let myself unwind, bask in the fantastic company of family and friends, and look back on the experiences–both the good and not-so-good–that I’d been fortunate enough to have this year.

Starting this blog, and making an effort to explore new places and find new people to talk to, has let me learn so much. Initially I had many doubts: would I be able to keep this up for more than a week? What if people don’t want to talk to me? What if I can’t find anyone to talk to? These doubts still plague me from time to time. But, as they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. As I embarked on my own journey I’m glad to say that I feel many of my doubts were unfounded. In fact, I’ve even been startled by the generosity and warmth of some of the ordinary people I’ve come into contact with.

I feel like I’ve managed to learn a lot from my brief encounters with the people I’ve talked to–the people who have made me smile, laugh, ponder and cry at various points. I’ve learnt that the hopes, dreams, desires and fears of the people I’ve met are, at a base level, very similar and so very relatable. I’ve learnt more about what there really is to life beyond the environment and experiences I grew up with, through the nuggets of philosophy and wisdom I’ve been presented with strangers. And I’ve learnt from being able to snatch a deeper glimpse into humanity that, perhaps, there really is a common thread of humanity that runs through us all. Everyone, no matter how insignificant they may seem (or believe themselves to be), has a story to tell, some unique insight to offer, something profoundly touching or inspiring about the way they live.

I don’t know who I’ll meet, or where I’ll go next. After all, things never turn out exactly as planned. Yet I feel it’s the pleasant surprises I stumble upon when I let my feet guide me that give me the most joy. As this year moves on to the next, I hope that–someday, somehow–I’ll be able to spread to others, through this blog, the kindness I’ve received from all the lovely individuals I’ve crossed paths with.

To those who are reading this: thank you for lending your support and encouragement to this humble endeavour of mine. I hope I shall be able to continue to provide a satisfying reading experience for all of you out there. May everyone have a happy holiday season, and a splendid New Year!


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