Here It Begins


What lies out there?

There were days when I’d be feeling especially thoughtful when out walking in my mother’s garden. Some days, I’d think, maybe we need to step outside the rush of life and our thoughts to take the time to appreciate the little things around us–almost like listening to a flower closely enough to hear it sing, I reckoned.

Potential cheesiness aside, this is why I decided to name my blog the way I did. This blog is going to be part of my personal quest to be able to explore the world around me and get in touch with all it’s made up of. I’ll be writing about the people, animals, things, places and events that I feel capture different facets–and a different part of the essence–of this little red dot I live on.

I doubt I’ll have the ability to be able to provide enough to cater to the reading pleasure of those out there who have come by this blog, but nevertheless I hope whatever I write about will be able to convey to you, dear readers, some of the spirit of this Singapore I call home.


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